Storyboards capture the history of San Clemente Lifeguards through pictures and text.

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Jr. Lifeguards Origins: Malcom & Duncan Wilson were only 10 when they were in the first Jr. Guard program in 1966. Follow the famous Colonel Banks (ex Green Beret) and the Wilson brothers through those early days.

90 Years of Lifeguarding.  Fred Swegles, longtime City reporter and historian, two page article in the SC Times (10/28/2021) about our early connections with San Clemente’s founding community including Ole Hanson’s son and our City’s Patriarch and Matriarch, Don and Lois Divel.

Lt. Hank Barnes 1960-1974 (passed 2020) A tribute to Hank Barnes who was part of the founding core of the modern San Clemente Lifeguard Department.

1931 City Council Creates Lifeguard Service. The official minutes from City Council Meeting(s) tracking various beach related issues including creating a lifeguard position

In The Beginning  Tracks from Cliff Russell (1937)  through Dick Hazard (1960)  and beginning of Station 56.

Team Photos 1958 – 1968 Original group photos beginning with our “Department” formation under the PD in 1958

Lifeguard Headquarters From a humble janitor’s closet between the bathrooms in 1958 to a modern facility in 1968 HQ is the story of a rapidly growing department.

Rescue Boats From our first used outboard skiff in 1958 (5408) through our own Rescue Boat (5690) in the 70’s.

Zero Tower From 8 sided observation tower (1930’s) to end of the shortened pier, rebuilt then replaced in 1965 to high tech Tower Zero today.

Beach Patrol. Lifeguards and Police Officers combine skills in the 1970’s to create a unique public safety patrol that benefits both departments.

Lifeguard of the Year Every summer staff votes on the “Lifeguard of the Year”. This list goes back to 1979.

and more to come…

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