Team Photos 1958 – 1968

1958 Equipment & Team Photo

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1958: “Jungle Joe” Sokolich, Lt. Byron Keough, Ed “Mooks”, Bruce Brown, (truck), Chief Dick Hazard, Wayne Schafer, Peter Van Dyke, Jim Coberly, Capt. Dave Johnson.

Boat was #5408, DORIS 18’ Wood Hull Self-Baling Cockpit Out-Board Skiff,  75hp Evinvrude, OC Harbor Department boat assigned to lifeguard department. Boat was 2,000 lbs and launched using the wench at the end of the pier. (10 years before Dana Harbor). Winch was used  by the Boat Club (now Fisherman’s Restaurant). Rescue “torpedo” cans were aluminum and favored well into the 70’s for pier rescue / piling protection.

Truck was International Harvester L-Series most likely surplus from the Police Department.

1958 Tower 1


Deck: Dave Johnson, Byron Keough, Bruce Brown
Ramp: Dick Hazard
Beach: Wayne Shaffer, Peter Van Dyke, “Jungle Joe” Sokolich,

1959 Team Photo.


Back (5): Jim Coberly, “Jungle Joe” Sokolich, Phil Stubs, Ed “Mooks”, John Friedlander
Middle (6): Kemp Apberg, __?__, Bob Bermel*, “Jocko” Jack Russell, Fred Van Dyke, Peter Van Dyke
Front (3): Lt. Byron Keough, Capt. Dave Johnson, Chief Dick Hazard

(*Robert Anthony Bermel, 85, died November 16, 2022. More Detail  Obituary)


1960 Team Photo

Back (7): Ron Jensen, Tom Merrill, Joe Schact, Bosko Burns, Jerry Hawk, Steve Chorak, Allan Seymour
Front (9): Rick Miller, Sam Buell, Peter Van Dyke, Hank Barnes, Kirby Wolfe, Norm Larson (boat operator), Lt. Phil Stubbs, Capt. Dave Johnson, Chief Dick Hazard

“Kaki uniforms were routine; Red trunks of canvas and later nylon sewed by Pat Stubbs (Phil’s wife) were typical.
Daily routine included early morning main beach cleaning – we would line up and sweep from the pier to ‘T’ St.
We also had pier swims; Clean up HQ; Wash down vehicles; Restock 1st Kits; and in the winter months maintenance.” Jerry Hawk


1961 Team Photo

Back (9): Mike Wright, Phil Stubbs, Hank Barnes, Allan Seymour, Dave Johnson, Tom Long, Steve Chorak, Dick Hazard, Kirby Wolf
Front (8): Joe Schact, Jerry Hawk, Sam Buell, Rick Miller, Tom Merrill, Ron Jensen, Richard Lockwood, Peter Van Dyke


1962 Team Photo

1962z1Back (9): Richard Lockwood, Jerry Hawk, Mike Wright, Bill Bogner, Tom Long, Allan Seymour, Murphy Hubbard, Hank Barnes, Steve Helfer
Middle (7): Peter Van Dyke, Dave Chorak, Tom Merrill, Fred Stier, Ken Corral, Ed Marsh, Ron Leicester ‘Sluggo’
Front (4): Dick Hazard, Pete Tresselt, Phil Stubbs, Steve Chorak

(note the garage door in back right. That is first HQ on north side of the pier opposite the  boat club.)

1963 Team Photo

Back (4): Jerry Hawk, Steve Chorak, Phil Stubs, Dick Hazard
Front (14): Marty Stately, Skip Hornbeck, Ron Leicester, Dave Chorak, Curt Van Arsdale, Peter Van Dyke, Ed Marsh, Fred Stier, Steve Helfer, Roger Evans, Terry Wolf* , Hank Barnes, Richard Lockwood, Tom Long.

*Terry Wolfe is Kirby Wolfe’s younger brother. Kirby Wolfe was the Station 56 photographer.

1964 Team Photos


Back (5): Lt. Hank Barnes, Jerry Hawk (boat operator), Lt. Steve Chorak, Capt Phil Stubbs, Chief Dick Hazard
Middle (9): Tom Long, Richard Lockwood, Steve Helfer, Ron Leicester, Gene Stivers, Ed Marsh, Roger Evans, Allan Seymour, Ed Stewart
Front (6): Fred Stier, Lou Mathe, Jerry Bennelle, Marty Stately, David Chorak, Curtis Van Arsdale

1965 Team Photo

Standing (20): Skip Hornbeck, Bill Metzger, Gene Stivers, Steve Helfer, Curt Van Arsdale, Tom Sylstra, Dave Chorak, Wes Seckler, Ed Marsh, Allan Seymour, Lou Mathe,Randy Beaton, Jerry Bennette, Ed Stewart, Jeff Calvert, Bob Christy, Chach Dyer, Richard Lockwood, Roy Irwin, Marty Stately

Knelling (8): Jack Connor, Doug Miller, Chris Hector, Tom Metzger*, Jerry Hawk, Steve Chorak, Phil Stubbs, Dick Hazard

“*A Junior Lifeguard Program began in 1963 with the future rescue boat operator, Tom Metzger, in the first class. The program continues to provide an ocean safety experience for over 500 children a year” Lynn Hughes, Chief 1980


1966 Team Photo

1966z1Back : Richard Lockwood, Tom Sylstra, Ed Stewart, Bill Metzger, Tom Schubach, Randy Beaton, Lou Mathe, Curt Van Arsdale, Alan Seymour
Middle: Kim Clemenson, Dave Chorak, Tracy Sizemore, Sandy Whelply, Wes Seckler, Skip Hornbeck, Jeff Calvert, Terry Reish, Chach Dyer, Gene Stiver
Front: Marty Stately, Phil Stubbs, Chief Dick Hazard


1967 Team Photo


Back (14): Steve Chorak, Hank Barns, Ed Marsh, Gene Stivers, Skip Hornbeck, Tom Schubach, Kim Clemenson, Randy Beaton, Grey Kinnea, Allan Seymour, Trey Reish, Lou Mathe, Bob Skelly, Phil Stubbs
Front : Marty Stately, Wes Seckler, David Chorak, Greg Aeth, Jeff Calvert, Bart West, Sandy Whelply, Ron Leicster, Curt Van Arsdale, Tom Metzger, Gregg Bunker, Dick Hazard


1968 Team Photo: New HQ, New Uniforms


Back: Dick Harzard, Phil Stubbs, Lou Mathe, Hank Barnes, Jeff Calvert, __?__, Trey Reish, Tom Schupbach, Jim Holloway, Jeff Hartman, Bob Owens, Robert Gardner, Jeff Locke, __?__

Front: Bob Skelly, Marc Kennedy, Bob or Bruce Erickson, Greg Bunker, Bart West, Norm Fleming, Steve Bro, Unknown, Bob or Bruce Erickson, Grey Kinnear, Arthur Schelee, Ken Casper, Wes Seckler

Standing Inspection (twice per summer)
“All guards lined up in a more or less straight line stretching from the corner of the building nearest the First Aid Room entrance all the way down to the end of the double garage doors at Beach Maintenance. Every guard was supposed to have on display: a clean complete uniform ( tan pants, tan jacket with patches on each upper arm, a clean white T-shirt). Each Guard also presented all equipment: Rescue Buoy (spun aluminum can), fins, binoculars, first aid box (stocked), phone (if working Area 3 or 4). Visors / Pith helmets were optional.” Lt. Steve Bro

Click Here for Inspection Day Details

By the summer of 1968 our new Lifeguard Headquarters was complete and the lifeguard uniform was enhanced to include CPO cap with lifeguard badge and black dress shoes.


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