Meet and learn from local role models

Surfing Heritage & Culture Center 110 Calle Iglesia, San Clemente
Under 18 years – FREE – others $10 per person per event
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Role Model Flier

Saturday, June 22 5:30 p.m.
Safety First! If Something Happens, Will You Know What to Do?
Led by San Clemente resident and World Surf League
physician Dr. Warren Kramer, this event will feature San
Clemente lifeguard John “Cheddar” Chetwynd, big wave
charger Rusty Long, ocean safety expert and instructor
Morgan Hoestery, and lifeguard/professional surfer and
emergency room nurse Marissa Shaw.
Saturday, July 20 5:30 p.m.
Let’s All Share the Stoke!
Our MC for this event is Laylan Connelly, an avid ocean
enthusiast, San Clemente resident, surfer and Orange
County Register reporter. Our role models will include San
Clemente’s Gudauskas brothers, local pro surfer Crosby
Colapinto, local supergroms Sierra Downer, Tyrone
Fomenko and Nate Pierce, surfer/paddleboarder Jaysea
DeVoe, bodysurfer/bodyboarder Natasha Overin and high
school Surfrider Foundation representative Zach Meyler.
Saturday, August 10 5:30 p.m.
Girl Power in the Ocean
This event will empower our young waterwomen by
exposing them to positive female surfing, SUP, paddleboard
racing, lifeguarding and ocean lifestyle role models. Our MC
for this event is Rosy Hodge, World Surf League
commentator, former professional world tour surfer and San
Clemente resident. Attendees will meet professional
womens’ surfing competition pioneer, attorney, author,
broadcast journalist and law professor Patti Paniccia, San
Clemente surfing legend Sheri Crummer, Candice Appleby,
the winningest female SUP athlete in history, San Clemente
supergrom Mia “Mouse” McLeish and other pro surfers and


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