Beach Patrol

San Clemente Police Officers trained as lifeguards, paired with San Clemente lifeguard trained as police.


Tom Height (SCPD), Dwight Hand (SCLG), Tracy Sizemore (SCLG & SCPD), Rick Steed (SCPD) are some of the original “crossbreeds” of police/lifeguards. Believed to be unique in California, lifeguards trained as reserve officers and police trained to make rescues. The program continued for around 8 years before being cut.


Rick Steed


Rick was the first and last SC Police officer to die in the line of duty. A tragic loss for all. A park is named in his honor: Rick Steed Memorial Park. RIP Rick – you are missed!

San Clemente Lifeguards Make Switch to SC PD!


San Clemente lifeguards Trey Hunt and Tracy Sizemore make the switch from lifeguards to police officers. But you can’t take the guard out of a lifeguard…these two continued to support Marine Safety and safeguard the public at the beach for many years to come. Despite the guns, they are Lifeguards for Life!



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