Lifeguard of the Year

At the end of every summer the entire staff votes on thier “Lifeguard of the Year”. Its our highest honor and is recognized with a perpetual plaque, mention in local media and recognition at an awards luncheon hosted by a local service club. Following are the winners since 1979

2021 Jaden Blanc-Hall
2020Raselle Chetwynd
2019 John Chetwynd
2018 Taylor Mellinger
2017 Sina Riahi
2016Dennis White
2015 Camden Holden
2014 Kyle White
2013 Scott Brandenburg
2012Teddy Weise
2011Kris Moore
2010Steve Barrett
2009Mike McErlean
2008Bryan Kelley
2007Monte Livingston
2006Nick Giugni
2005JD Baranger
2004Kade Boisseranc
2003Bill Coffman
2002Cheyne Maule
2001Kade Boisseranc
2000Rod Mellott
1999Tad Morris
1998Brian Brower
1997Pat Caldwell
1996Brandon Thomas
1995Steve Lashbrook
1994Steve Sanchez
1993Mike Higgins
1992Rod Mellott
1991Eric Burke
1990Doug Barker
1989Rich Chew
1988Brian Covert
1987Jim Popa
1986Eric Burke
1985Rich Chew
1984Bill Humphreys
1983Greg Page
1982Paul Milosch
1981Bill Humphreys
1980Jeff Lashbrook
1979Paul Milosch

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