Jim Nielsen: Treasurer

Jim Photo

Jim is a graduate of the San Clemente Leadership class and also attended the Orange County Sheriff’s’ Citizens Academy. He was recently given the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chamber of Commerce and was also presented with the San Clemente Spirit Award by Senator Mark Wyland. In 2015, he was named as the recipient of the San Clemente Wall of Recognition.

Jim is a retired federal law enforcement agent. Upon retiring, he ran a successful forensic accounting and investigations business. He has been declared an expert witness in both federal and state court relative to investigative accounting. More recently, he has devoted his life to his family and to his five grandchildren.

Jim has become active in the area of recreation in San Clemente and is the Treasurer of Courtney’s SandCastle Charitable Foundation, the Friends of San Clemente Beaches Parks and Recreation Foundation, the San Clemente Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Foundation. He was the treasurer of The Noble Path Foundation and also the bookkeeper for the San Clemente Ocean Festival. He has been intimately involved in the recent opening of the Vista Hermosa Sports Park and Courtney’s SandCastle Universal access playground. He supervised the raising and accounting for $220,000 that was recently raised by the Friends Foundation and given to the City of San Clemente to offset costs related to the Park and more than $450,000 that was raised and turned over to the City for Phase 2 of Courtney’s Sandcastle.