Greg Hulsizer

GH Portrait

Greg Hulsizer is a 44-year San Clemente resident and a life-long surfer and ocean enthusiast. When not working, he can be found surfing, riding his surf mat, bodysurfing or fishing off his surfboard, somewhere between San Onofre and Dana Point.

As a former San Clemente City lifeguard, Greg cares deeply about the safety of those visiting San Clemente’s beaches. He and his wife Shelley raised their daughters on the beach, teaching them ocean safety from an early age. Both were junior lifeguards and members of the San Clemente High School Surf Team.

Greg worked for nine years as a San Clemente ocean lifeguard, where he held the positions of Seasonal Lifeguard, Seasonal Lifeguard Supervisor, Marine Safety Officer and Marine Safety Lieutenant. He led the City’s Junior Lifeguard program for several years and along with former Captain Sheridan Byerly, started and ran the City’s instructional surfing program. He served on the Department’s Dive and Cliff Rescue teams, served with SCPD officers Tom Haight and Rick Steed on the combined Lifeguard/Police Beach Patrol and began the Department’s beach erosion monitoring program. After leaving lifeguarding, Greg continued to serve the City, holding several positions, including Assistant City Manager and serving on the General Plan Advisory Committee and the inaugural City Coastal Advisory Committee. Today, Greg is a transportation consultant with a national engineering and architecture firm.