Make A Donation

Your support means a lot to us. By clicking the “Donate” button above, instantly gaining access to a community of people who are devoted to keeping our beach beautiful and safe. These are people who not only grew up around the beach but also grew up with it. These are people who watched our beach change a great deal and watched our beach community evolve.

To show our gratitude for your support, you will receive a t-shirt, to show everyone around you know that you care about our beach, the heart of San Clemente.


You will receive a sticker to put on your car, skateboard, surfboard, or bodyboard to help spread the word about our cause and bring awareness to beach preservation and safety.


You also get a HeadHunter sunscreen face stick, because that’s the best stuff out there and you always should protect your skin while basking San Clemente’s finest sunshine.


Your donation of $25 or more grants membership with a foundation that supports the future of our San Clemente beach community.

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